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   Apr 23

Morning Glory: Living By Its Name

Morning glory is the name given commonly to almost 1,000 species of this flower. The name of this flowering plant was acquired from its characteristic and distinctive feature of folding up its petals when evening comes and opening them when morning sunlight strikes. This plant is usually used by people as decoration on walls and […]

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   Apr 22

Project Landscape: Gazebo

Having a landscape in your home is a very fun sight to watch. But wouldn’t it be much better to look at your landscape from the center of your home? Placing a landscape at the heart of your home always adds a sense of style and warmth to your home. Surely your family and friends would love […]

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   Apr 18

Tulips: The Must-Knows in the Care of this Plant

Tulips are perennial plants that have bright, cup-shaped flowers with stem that are green and smooth. They are bulbous plants by nature. They are of the first flower and also one of the loveliest flowers that shoot up in spring. Care for Tulips The tulip, just like any other plants and flowers, need to be […]

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   Apr 16

The Cool Pool: Swimming Pool Landscape Ideas

If you have a swimming pool in your house without anything that adds life to it, like a beautiful garden, it will only look plain, dull and less exciting. How about turning your poolside into a paradise? Basically, the pool is a great place to cool off, especially when the weather is hot. Adding plants […]

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   Apr 14

Urban Gardening: The Green Roof

People living in urban areas who want to have a garden of their own faces one main problem – the unavailability of space or land area to have their garden. In cities, what we can mostly see are buildings made of concrete, concrete roads and patios – everything almost concrete. In short, there is a […]

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   Apr 12

What Went Wrong: Knowing and Fighting Plant Diseases

Diseases of plants often seem mysterious because you can’t really notice them right away, unless you use a microscope. Most home gardens have only modest disease problems, but it’s important to make sure you keep the upper hand by learning to recognize the symptoms of diseases that might lead to your paradise’s destruction. If your […]

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   Apr 10

Landscape in a Box: Miniature Landscaping

Have you ever seen a small or miniature tree that has been growing in a low-sided clay pottery, tray or container? Looking at these wonderful masterpieces is like looking at a very beautiful sight of a garden or an eye-popping scenery or landscape of a faraway land. These wonderful creations and art are called BONSAI. […]

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   Apr 08

Gardening and Health: Plants VS Mosquitoes and Flies

The issue with mosquitoes and flies are rising and it’s almost the time of the year where mosquitoes are on the go and ready to bite, and flies are everywhere and can spread diseases such as malaria and dengue fever and more. The diseases these mosquitos and flies carry can be, at some cases, lethal […]

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   Apr 06

Growing Your Own Bed of Roses

There is just nothing more romantic than seeing a garden filled with one of the mostly used flower to symbolize one’s feeling of love and affection – the beautiful rose flower. Roses are woody perennial plants that can erect shrubs, climb or trail with stems that often have sharp thorns also known as prickles. They […]

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