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   Jun 29

Perennials: Colorful Flower Garden Year by Year

Perennial gardening is popular these days because unlike annuals, they grow back after the cold weather. You don’t have to spend money and time replanting another plant for the next year and like annuals, they bring color and add beauty to your garden. So to have an appealing garden year after year, perennials is your […]

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   Jun 28

Summer Colors: Gardening with Annuals

Annuals definitely bring beauty and color to your garden. Depending on your location, it can die in the winter and you need to replace them. They are perfect for summer because of their bright colors and they are quite inexpensive. These annuals grow and die for just one year. Most gardeners plant them after the […]

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   Jun 27

Drainage System: Make the Water Go Away from your Landscape

Heavy rains are really a headache for gardeners. Expensive plants, lawns and shrubs are washed away, trees might fall and soil is eroded. Aside from the problems it causes to your landscape, it could also bring damage to your property value. One solution is downspout extensions that help in preventing water to further damage your […]

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   Jun 26

Tropical Landscape: Refreshing Way to Dress up your Garden

This summer, tropical countries seem to be favorite destinations of many, but what if you could have this tropical paradise in your own backyard? This seems to be the trend these days because tropical landscape has that relaxing ambiance for your home. So whether or not you plan to hire a professional landscape designer, it […]

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   Jun 10

Why Vegetable Gardening is the Choice of Many?

Gardens provide a soothing and calming effect to a gardener. However, when it comes to benefits and advantages, vegetable garden has no match. If you think you need a wide space for your vegetable garden, then you are wrong. You can have a vegetable garden almost anywhere, in a large space in your backyard or […]

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   Jun 08

How to Earn Profit from your Home Grown Plants?

Everybody loves to earn money and it gets better when you earn it from doing something you love. Growing a garden in your yard is profitable like any other home-based business today. If you know how to play your cards right, then you will surely be successful in the gardening business. Here are some helpful […]

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   Jun 04

Basic Gardening Tools to Become an Effective Gardener

Gardening is such a fun and healthy experience. You are frequently outdoors enjoying nature that soothes your body and soul. Even just digging up or lifting things can be a good exercise for your muscles and bones. So you need to have the right gardening tools to help you accomplish your tasks to maintain a […]

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