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   Jul 11

Winter Tip 104: Prepare your Trees and Shrubs for the Cold

Winter is the season that gardeners take a rest from all their yard duties. But before the ground freezes, it is important that you prepare your garden for the cold days. This is very essential especially for newly planted shrubs and trees. Not only your flowering beds need your attention as winter draws near, your […]

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   Jul 10

Shade Garden: Gardening in the Dark

Shade gardening can be a new experience especially if you are new to gardening. But today, some gardeners prefer this type of gardening and there are numerous plants and flowers that love the shade than full sunlight. Shade areas include under the trees or an open area that is covered from the heat of the […]

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   Jul 09

Calm and Beautiful: Installing Outdoor Fountains to your Landscape

Working on your landscape needs a lot of planning and time. You need to consider plants, flower beds, walkways and other features in order to make your property beautiful. Another addition to your landscaping project that you will never regret is outdoor garden fountains. Many homeowners have incorporated water features such as ponds and waterfalls […]

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   Jul 07

Wrap up Your Container Garden this Cold Season

Container gardening during the winter months would be difficult especially if it’s the first time your garden will experience the extreme cold temperature. During this time, soil easily freezes so it is important that your plants have your attention. So here are some essential tips you must do in order to make your container garden […]

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   Jul 06

Red and Beautiful: How to Start your Rose Garden?

If you just added roses to beautify your garden, then you know by now that there are some gardening tips you should know about, especially if you are a beginner. Roses are wonderful and adorable garden flowers, but they can be tedious and difficult to grow. Many gardeners have incorporated their own rose beds in […]

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   Jul 05

Organic and Useful: What is Permaculture Gardening?

Permaculture gardening is a natural way of making use of biological and ecological principles. Permaculture mimics how nature works and takes into consideration elements such as soil, climate, living structures, plants, animals, weather and more. This type of gardening increases production and yield, labor and waste is reduced and the environment is restored to its […]

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