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   Apr 05

About This Blog

gardening and landscapingI created this blog for all the gardening and landscaping enthusiasts, who like me, find joy in making their own beautiful garden and architectural landscapes. Gardening and landscaping is all about finding that passion for beauty and creativity and this is what I’ll be sharing with you in this blog.



I really believe that the idea of gardening is to create beauty through the use of different plants, flowers and ornaments. You may think that a beautiful garden is hard to pull off, but you just really need to find an inspiration and know what beauty means to you. Once you achieve, finding the right balance to create your perfect beautiful garden will really be easy for you.



Most people have their own idea of a beautiful landscape for their garden but they don’t really know how to put that idea into action. Landscape is more than just adding architectural designs to your garden. You need to find the balance between a functional and beautiful landscape that can work for your garden and to achieve this, you need creativity.


Whether you are a newbie or expert on gardening and landscaping, I hope that my blog helps you find inspiration and spark creativity within you. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to share them with me in my Contact page.


If you find a post that you really love, it would mean a lot to me if you can share it to your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, or whatever. I really believe that when you flourish one’s mind, you flourish one’s soul so make sure to spread the word about this blog!


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