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   Jun 04

Basic Gardening Tools to Become an Effective Gardener

Gardening is such a fun and healthy experience. You are frequently outdoors enjoying nature that soothes your body and soul. Even just digging up or lifting things can be a good exercise for your muscles and bones.

So you need to have the right gardening tools to help you accomplish your tasks to maintain a good and healthy garden. Here are some important gardening tools you should have:


This will allow you to dig up the bed or plant your bushes and trees. A round point shovel will help you to cut though the soil. With shovel, you can easily prepare the entire bed and large holes for planting.

gardeningGarden Claw

This is basically a new addition to important gardening tools.It is a long and easily-handled cultivator. This allows the gardener to turn the soil and prepare the bed with the new soil.

This claw does a good job in aerating the soil. It is also great in mixing compost, fertilizer and new soil with the existing bed.

Hand Trowel

This is the small version of spade which is used for new flowers and plants. It is great in tight spots in your garden and also digs the weeds out.

Bypass Pruners

This will keep your crops trim. This is for the right growth of the plants and to keep them appealing. It is used for the soft and fragile growth of the flowers and bushes.

For large branches,long-handled loppers are used. On the other hand, shears are used for bushes, smaller branches and hedges.

Watering Can and Hose

Water is a basic need of plant for survival. Use hose to water the large areas and a good quality can or hose is worth every penny.


Rake allows you to take all the debris off the lawn. This is to keep your garden clean and attractive.


You need a straw type of broom to clean up all the debris in patio areas and walkways.

Garden Fork

This is a kind of tool that has many prongs which is used for carrying, raising, digging or piercing. Choose the stainless ones, they are durable.

Basket or Light-Weight Bag

This is best to carry around when you are weeding or pruning to put all your garden debris. You can easily put it in a bin or use it for compost pile. You just have to make sure the bag is light weight so you won’t get tired carrying it around.

Garden Cart

You have your basket for light loads, now you need a garden cart for heavy ones.This should be durable and in good quality in order to perform your tasks easily.

These are the basic and necessary gardening tools to help you become an effective gardener for your garden. So start digging the soil and plant your first crop!

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