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   Jul 09

Calm and Beautiful: Installing Outdoor Fountains to your Landscape

Working on your landscape needs a lot of planning and time. You need to consider plants, flower beds, walkways and other features in order to make your property beautiful.

landscapingAnother addition to your landscaping project that you will never regret is outdoor garden fountains. Many homeowners have incorporated water features such as ponds and waterfalls in their landscape and they simply make a beautiful impact on the overall property.

But what makes fountain a very common choice is because of the sound of the water that can calm anyone and being surrounded by colorful flower beds delights anyone who sees it.

Fountains come in different shapes, styles and sizes and bring a relaxing ambiance to your garden. With so many fountains available in the market, it is essential to find the best one that suits your landscape.

First, you have to learn about two types of fountain – the downward falls and the rising jets. However, many gardeners prefer to use both. You can also install lights on them to make them stand out during the evening.

Types of Fountain

Downward Falling Fountains

This is the most common type of fountain used in many landscapes. It has a human outline sculpture which seems to be holding a carved bowl where water comes out.

Another element of this fountain is the marble ball that rotates because of the push of water and bubbles are formed below it. This element seems to be dancing under the water which makes it pleasing for the eyes.

Rising Jet Fountains

This is the most magnificent type of fountain you can install in your landscape. You might need a large space for this kind of fountain and also make sure to consider the breeze so your guests won’t get surprised when the water gets caught up with the wind. They are usually used in exhibits and parks, and even customized with music.

Factors when Buying Fountain

Now that you know the types of fountain, you should now consider some factors that affect your choice of fountain. Factors such as size, exterior of your house and price should be considered.

Fountains are used in order to enhance your landscape not to overshadow it. So don’t invest on too many fountains and place them recklessly in your garden.

You will lose the main purpose of the fountain. Make sure to determine your focal points or a beautiful parts of your garden where you can place your fountain.

Think of an area in your garden which you enjoy the most. Maybe you can place it in the middle of your colorful flower beds or along the cherry trees that bloom every year. With your strategic placing plus the sound and look of your fountain, this will take your garden to even greater heights.landscape

Remember a few things before you choose you outdoor fountain:

  • Choose the proper design.Fountains come in a wide variety of designs from Asian to Roman. Make sure to consider the design of your house in choosing your fountain. It must complement your home’s exterior beautifully.
  • Choose solar powered fountains. Fountains run by electricity will cost you money. It will take time and effort to install it and there could be a possibility of power problems.
    Today, most fountains make use of solar technology but double check it to make sure. Solar powered fountains will make you save electricity and they are safer.
  • Look at the size. Size matters for your fountain. So when you are checking out fountains online, make sure to look at the dimension and determine if it fits perfectly with your garden.
  • See the price. Fountains are expensive so make sure you have set your budget before you order one. Online websites will give you affordable prices on a wide selection of fountains. Just make sure it fits your budget but still suits your style.

Keeping in mind the types and factors of choosing your outdoor fountain will determine if you are successful in installing and incorporating your fountain to your landscape. With the relaxing effect it brings and beauty it adds to your garden, no doubt outdoor fountain is a must-have in your landscape.

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