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   Jul 30

How to Grow Cilantro From Herb Seedlings


2441105895_f065b25765_bCoriander is one of the oldest herbs. At first, it was considered a weed, but over time, people have realized that it has curative properties, so they used it to treat various diseases. Later, in ancient Greece, cilantro’s aphrodisiac properties became well known and it started to be indispensable in the kitchen. Currently, coriander has strong competition from other herbs, but manages to stay in the top favorite spices worldwide.

Do you want to have fresh cilantro all year? Then cultivate it at home or in your garden.

Choose the Perfect Space For Growing Coriander

You may use both cilantro leaves and beans. Since it is a heat-loving plant, it is better to plant it in the garden after the last frost of spring, when the weather warms up. Coriander grows well around tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes and fruit trees.

To have fresh coriander all year, it is recommended to cultivate it inside. The heat will qualify for all 4 seasons.

It is advisable to plant the herb seeds on Amazon in several stages, every two weeks, so you have a continuity in terms of harvesting fresh leaves. Normally, coriander needs 75 days to be good for picking, but if you want to pick the beans too, you must wait about 100 days.

Prepare the Soil

To grow optimally, cilantro needs a slightly acidic to neutral soil, with pH 6.0-6.7. It also needs a soil that has good drainage, yet able to maintain moisture.

Make Sure the Light is Optimum

As coriander is a light and heat-loving plant, it is good to cultivate in an area that can benefit from these two aspects. In winter, you can place a heat source close to the cilantro, but not in his immediate vicinity.

Keep It Constantly Wet

Coriander needs a constantly moist soil in order to grow, but you should not overdo the watering because the soil surface may develop mold.

Rare Rows

After cilantro sprouts develop, think about removing some of them for soil aeration. Otherwise, you have no other maintenance activities, as coriander is not picky.


Cilantro has many medicinal and culinary uses.

Its complex action over the body health is due to its content rich in amino acids (7 types ), essential oils (11 types), vitamins (especially A and C ) and minerals such as phosphorus.

Coriander is able to prevent loss of vision and eye aging due to its vitamins, minerals (especially phosphorus) and antioxidant composition. At the same time, because this is a powerful disinfectant with proven antimicrobial effects, it protects eyes from contagious diseases such as conjunctivitis.

It has anti-inflammatory properties.

From ancient times, scientists have discovered anti-inflammatory properties of coriander and since then they have recommended it for treating anemia, rheumatic and kidney diseases .

It prevents bloating and normalizes cholesterol.

For centuries, the plant has been considered a very effective aphrodisiac. Because of this property, Egyptians attributed the name ” happiness grass for couples” to cilantro. Even the famous tale ” One Thousand and One Nights ” talks about a merchant who treated his infertility with a mixture of herbs, including raw coriander leaves.

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