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   Sep 20

Defy Boredom: Tips for an Attractive Driveway

Upon entering once abode, first thing that will get your attention is the driveway leading to the main entrance. It is very important that you also give attention to this area in making your place standout even from the outside. Design, structure, texture and colors will undoubtedly improve your curb appeal.

A pleasing driveway can give extra value to your property. This can also add beauty to your lawn and garden. There are limitless ways to enhance your driveway and if you are planning to embark in this new project try to consider these tips:

Thorough Plan

Just like any home project, proper planning is the key to successfully achieve the right design you want. This will ensure that you purchase the proper materials and choose the perfect design for the area. Planning saves time, energy and money.

Create a Scene

It is always a challenge on how to incorporate your driveway look without overpowering the beauty of the lawn and garden. More often than not, this is the usual issue for homeowners if the lawn or garden adjoins the driveway. Also, consider as well the sunlight, soil Ph and wind direction in your area.

  • Planting the Appropriate Plants – mostly homeowners will simply put their plants along both sides of the driveway. Yes, that can make a difference but choosing low, small and colorful plants is the trick. This way, you still get the chance of enhancing the curb while giving way for your garden to shine.
  • Mass Planting – this design needs to plant one species of massive low shrubs alongside your driveway. This gives a mysterious effect, enticing your visitors to know where it leads. The level of simplicity makes the design more neat and clean. This establishes a rhythm of uniformity which gives balance to your lawn and garden.

Wide Driveway Makeover

If your driveway is too large that it is taking up a big part of the lawn, it can sometimes be an issue. The solution for a scenario like this is to create an illusion that it becomes smaller than its actual size.

  • The Check board – instead of concreting the entire area, alternate it with drought tolerant grasses. So your output should look like a check board -concrete and grass alternately. Choose low maintenance and tough ground covers so it won’t eat up your time growing them.

The Gentle Steep

If your area is uneven, meaning the other end is inclined, this makes the project a bit challenging. Sometimes it is hard to incorporate some ideas on an irregular pavement.

  • The Steps – walking in a sloping area is uncomfortable, so creating wide series of steps is a good idea. Place these steps on the side with planters accordingly so this will give colors and texture to the area.
  • The Leaning Beds – build raised beds following the slope but ensure that it is well boarded so it won’t erode during rainy days.  Covering the entire bed with blooming flowers won’t only create a lovely scene, it will also help avoiding soil erosion during heavy rainfalls.

The Long Driveway

A straight driveway is an issue that needs to be dealt with, it can be boring and unattractive most especially if your house is not yet in sight. To resolve an issue like this, it is important to distract the driver with the scene, planting uniform shrubs or trees alongside can ease the boredom. Plants in regular spacing give it distinction and beauty.

Bring it up

Sunken driveway is similar to a slope, so making a good design is a challenge. To change the look, create elevated beds with strong walls around it. This will make the driver take his time enjoying the view.

Do not feel helpless about the look of your driveway – there are lots of landscaping ideas that you can do with it that might even surprise you.

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