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   Jun 27

Drainage System: Make the Water Go Away from your Landscape

landscapeHeavy rains are really a headache for gardeners. Expensive plants, lawns and shrubs are washed away, trees might fall and soil is eroded.

Aside from the problems it causes to your landscape, it could also bring damage to your property value. One solution is downspout extensions that help in preventing water to further damage your landscape.

Fix the Real Problem

All repairs would be useless if you can’t fix the main cause of the problem. Downspout extension is your easy solution in order to keep the water away from your landscape and structures. Pooling of water in your garden is definitely a problem that needs a quick solution.

Fix Clogs and Leaks

Rain gutters are specifically designed to keep the water away from your garden so make sure it is not leaked or clogged. If the gutter does not work, the water will seep into spaces and foundations and could be a threat to your landscape. Make sure to check if the gutter has rust, mold or other signs that need to be fixed immediately.

Maintaining your gutters will keep the excess water away from your garden so there is no further damage to your soil and plants. If you need to replace a small area of the gutter, you can make use of plastic liners to fix it.

Find the Critical Area

It is really essential that one must identify the critical areas in his garden. If a tree is about to fall, then call up an expert to solve the problem for you. Your family is safe and you also save some bucks in identifying this problem early.

Make sure to check your gutters and downspout extensions if they function properly and in good condition.So you can be confident that water will be redirected away from your landscape.

A Water Plan

landscapingCreating an aerial view of your property will help you in determining where to put your gutters and downspout extensions in order to eliminate water efficiently. This will help you if you need longer or shorter ones depending on how much water accumulates in the area. You know your garden the best, so creating an effective water plan relies on you.

Repair, Repair and Repair

After inspecting all the damage and planning your water plan so temporary downing of your plants won’t happen again,it is time to repair the damage – the plants, the lawn and foundations. Give time for your plants to recover from the drowning, improve the aeration of your lawn and also check upon your foundations if there are cracks.

Seek the help of a professional in fixing this so there would be no problem in the future. Make sure to be keen in inspecting your garden for damage.

Checking your rain gutters from time to time and installing downspout extensions allow you to create a water drainage system in order to keep the excess water away from your delicate landscape. Water can cause flooding and erosion to your landscape especially if you don’t fix the problem immediately, so control the water flow for you to fully enjoy a beautiful garden for the whole year.

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