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   Oct 20

Enjoy Gardening Activities with Kids

Gardening is fun and interesting. However, this experience will be livelier and more fascinating with kids around. Gardening project is a good way to bond with your kids while sharing tips and creative ideas together. If you are a garden enthusiast, introducing your hobby and passion to your kids will allow them to understand the magic of gardening.

In choosing garden activities for kids, choose only those that are appropriate for their age. Also check if they have allergies or sickness that might hinder them from enjoying the activity. It’s also important to make sure they are willing to get dirty to make them feel comfortable in doing gardening work.

Playhouse in the Garden

You don’t have to build a real playhouse in the garden for them to enjoy. But youngsters will have fun being surrounded by beautiful sunflowers above them, tall and lovely. Flowering playhouse is easy to do, you can mount poles and tie them with strings. Plant the seeds near the poles and gradually train the plants to twist around them. Your kid will no doubt help you harvest the seeds and plant them if they see their dramatic and beautiful flowering playhouse.

Flower Dress Up

Little girls love to dress up and wear accessories. They will have fun weeding grasses on your garden beds if you know how to pacify them. While they are busy loosening the soil or watering the plants, in return make them bracelets or necklaces out of blossoms.

Eat Your Garden Design

Kids love familiarity and visually attractive things. You can incorporate both by creating an activity that will get their attention. Perfect example will be a pizza garden, both of you can plant tomatoes, basils, garlic and other herbs present in pizzas. This way, your child will be encouraged to plant so you can bake homemade pizza when all your pizza plants grow. There’s a lot of garden designs for kids that you can find online, so make sure to choose the best that your kids will surely love.

Rainbow Garden

Find different flower seeds with rainbow colors. Help them to plant these seeds in a rainbow shape. Tell them that when these plants bloom, you will have your own version of rainbow in the garden.

These activities will help the kids appreciate gardening. The following are the things that you might consider before the project starts:

  • Give them their own tools and garden space.
  • Let them do their own tasks; you are there just to support.
  • Allow them to have control over their plants. Choose ideas and garden activities that are possible for kids to do and enjoy.
  • Always combine seeds, flowering and full-grown plants in your garden activity. Seeds will just bore them, and waiting for seeds to pop out is entirely tiring for these kiddos.

Gardening is never stressful if you have little ones with you. Gardening as a bonding activity with kids has a lot of advantages so better introduce this to your kids while they are young. Start to challenge yourself and start the activities mentioned above right away. Who knows your youngster can be your gardening partner in the years to come.

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