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   Apr 08

Gardening and Health: Plants VS Mosquitoes and Flies


Image Credit: Dugspr

The issue with mosquitoes and flies are rising and it’s almost the time of the year where mosquitoes are on the go and ready to bite, and flies are everywhere and can spread diseases such as malaria and dengue fever and more. The diseases these mosquitos and flies carry can be, at some cases, lethal or deadly.

Are you familiar with the game PLANTS VS ZOMBIES? That game where you put plants in your lawn tp kill zombies and stop them from entering your house and eating your brain? Well, basically this is the type of gardening we will be talking about.

There are plants that stop mosquitoes and flies from entering your homes in reality just like the game PLANTS VS ZOMBIES. These plants cause an allergic effect to these insects that make them flee from the area where these plants are present. If you are not a fan of chemical pesticides, then this is definitely perfect for your garden.


Rue is a shrub that when planted in a garden, it helps repel fruit flies. The scent produced by this plant is irritating to fruit flies but is pleasant to the human smell. But rue should be handled with intense care because it can also cause skin irritations.


Aside from salads, basil has another good effect to the environment – it is an effective fly repellant. Planting basil in your garden will keep flies from entering your home and thus keeping your children and loved ones safe from the diseases that these insects carry with them.

Citronella Grass

Familiar with citronella oil? This is the plant where that oil is extracted from. Citronella oil is one of the main ingredients found in mosquito repellants. Just be sure not to plant too many of these because they grow up to six feet tall – not too good for the lawn!


If you want mosquito repellent that has an effect that exceeds DEET, a common chemical used in mosquito and insect repellents, then this is the best choice. It has been proven that catnip oil is ten times much better and effective compared to the chemical compound.

So there you have it, the perfect plants to help you beat mosquitoes and flies. Having these dirty and deadly insects is not healthy not just for your family, but also for your beautiful garden. Keep these plants handy and I guarantee you, no mosquito or fly will ever feed on your blood again!

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