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   Nov 20

Green and Strong: How to Plant Trees Properly?

Trees have functional and aesthetic purposes in our garden. If treated properly, it can last longer for hundreds of years depending on the specie of the tree.

Trees have numerous uses which is why many gardeners love to have them in their backyards. However, one must know how to plant a tree properly to ensure it has healthy and long life.

The Right Season

One should know when the right time is to plant a tree. Climate is such an important factor in order to decide if it’s the correct season to dig the hole for your tree.

New trees need to grow fully in order to survive the harsh conditions. So the best time would be in moderate temperature when it is not too cold or too hot and there is enough rain. So fall or spring would be the best season to plant your tree to be ready for summer or winter.

The Right Measurement

When digging the hole for the tree, it is essential that it is not too deep or too narrow. A too wide hole is not a good idea at all.

If the whole is too deep, then your plants won’t have sufficient oxygen to survive. If it is too narrow, the roots do not have the enough room to grow and expand. The measurement of the whole is essential for the nourishment and development of the tree.

The general rule of digging the hole is that the hole should be 3 times the width of the roots’ balls. If the tree does not have root’s balls but have the bare roots, then you should dig a hole three times the width of the roots. This will give the roots plenty of room to expand.

Loose the Soil

It is essential to prepare the roots of your tree. If the roots are wrapped with some kind of material or if it’s in a container, then you should loose the soil around the tree’s roots before planting.

Give it time to breathe and then remove the wrapping material. Carefully place your trees in the hole and make sure you won’t damage the roots.

Cover the Tree

After your have properly placed the tree in the hole, it is essential that you put back the soil to cover it up. Avoid pressing the soil down to avoid limiting the air and water.

A mound should be at the base to cover the roots. The important thing is you make the soil loose for the tree’s survival.

Put Fertilizer and Water

Water is a basic necessity of plants especially if they are newly planted. Make sure to give your plants enough water. Then put some fertilizer and sprinkle it around the soil so the distribution of the nutrients is equal among the roots of the trees.

Once you planted your tree, it can grow on its own as long as you keep the soil healthy. However, if you want to make it last longer for the future generations to see, then it is important that you give your attention and care.

Make sure to protect it from pests and diseases and also avoid using pesticides and chemicals. Plant your trees properly to enjoy its wonderful features.

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