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   Apr 06

Growing Your Own Bed of Roses

rose garden

There is just nothing more romantic than seeing a garden filled with one of the mostly used flower to symbolize one’s feeling of love and affection – the beautiful rose flower. Roses are woody perennial plants that can erect shrubs, climb or trail with stems that often have sharp thorns also known as prickles. They are widely grown for their beauty and roses’ petals are fragrant.

Rose Gardening Tips

Growing roses in your garden can be easy and fun for as long as you have the right knowledge on how to grow them. You can cultivate and grow this plant in your very own garden and harvest flowers like a pro.

Here are a few tips on how you can improve your rose garden and grow them healthy and harvest wonderful bunch of fresh, sweet-smelling, lovely roses!


Growing garlic in you rose garden helps in eliminating harmful insects and pests. Garlic serves as a natural insecticide and pesticide to keep these harmful animals from infecting and spreading diseases to your rose plants.


If you want your roses to be free from diseases that fungi carry, try mixing cinnamon to your growing medium when re-potting.

Watering in the Morning

Roses are very susceptible to fungal diseases and that excess water on the leaves or blooms will increase the chances that your plants will be infected. Watering your roses in the morning will leave time for excess water on the leaves and blooms to dry up or evaporate.

Organic Fertilizers

It is highly recommended that you use organic fertilizers when fertilizing your rose plants that are grown in containers or pots because the use of synthetic and inorganic fertilizers highly contributes to salt buildup in the soil.

Sunlight, Plenty of Sunlight

When looking or selecting a spot or area to create a rose garden, you should always keep in mind that your rose garden should receive plenty of sunlight. It’s important to make sure your rose garden is placed in an area with direct sunlight. This will make your plants more healthy and free from fungal diseases.

These are just a few tips which you can take note of when growing your own rose garden. Roses never fail to create an aura of beauty and romanticism to a garden. Growing your own bed of roses is sure to make your garden look more beautiful and feel romantic. What’s more perfect than picking up a rose or two and breathing into their scent every morning?

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