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   Apr 10

Landscape in a Box: Miniature Landscaping

landscape in a box

Have you ever seen a small or miniature tree that has been growing in a low-sided clay pottery, tray or container? Looking at these wonderful masterpieces is like looking at a very beautiful sight of a garden or an eye-popping scenery or landscape of a faraway land. These wonderful creations and art are called BONSAI.

A bonsai is a Japanese art in the form of growing trees into miniature sizes in containers such as low-side pots or tray-like pots. The term “bonsai” came from two words, “bon” which means a low-sided pot, tray or container; and “sai” which means “planting or plantings” which when combined makes up the literal meaning “plantings in tray”. The tradition of bonsai art has been practiced for over a thousand years.

Beauty Never Measured By Size

Bonsai tree landscaping takes a whole lot different level of work and uniqueness. You are going to work out landscape scenery with the use of a little tree in a tray-like pot and try to miniaturize everything or in other words, make it fit into the pot.

The level of difficulty when working with a bonsai landscape is not as difficult as doing an actual landscaping or gardening. The test in this type of landscaping is your creativity in making things and tiny details look beautiful and lively as an actual size garden.

Mini-Garden Uncovered

Creating a bonsai tree landscape is an easy but meticulous and careful process. We do not want to overdo our landscape design to suffocate our bonsai tree and permanent damage to it. The bonsai tree is a delicate plant that we should make sure not to accidentally cut major branches and destroy its view and beauty.

Here are a few tips on making your own bonsai tree landscape:

Create an image of the landscape you are planning to make. It is better if you can sketch it out in a paper for a better description of your chosen design. You can also look for ideas in bonsai landscaping or pictures of bonsai landscapes in the internet.

Be sure that you can fit everything you want to place in your landscape in a small container or pot. Remember; do not overcrowd the bonsai landscape to make room for the bonsai tree to “breathe”.

Add touch-ups. You can also add up features like a mini-water fountain or wooden bridges to make your landscape even more lively and beautiful.

Use greens to keep it lively. Usually, when you want to create a landscape that has more “green” color in it or a grass-like area, you can use moss.

Nourish your mini-landscape. Maintain your landscape’s integrity by watering it daily and making sure that it receives enough but no too much sunlight.

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