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   Apr 23

Morning Glory: Living By Its Name

Morning Glory

Morning glory is the name given commonly to almost 1,000 species of this flower. The name of this flowering plant was acquired from its characteristic and distinctive feature of folding up its petals when evening comes and opening them when morning sunlight strikes. This plant is usually used by people as decoration on walls and fences.

The flowers of the morning glory plants are funnel-shaped and go from white, blue, to purple. These plants can grow up to 8 feet tall. This flower is planted by many because maintaining this plant does not require extensive care.

Depending on the variety or species of the morning glory plant, it can either grow in bushes or in vines. The requirements for this plant are basically the same disregarding whatever variety you choose to plant. The care for this particular plant is basically the same for all varieties.

Move 1: Preparing the Site to Plant

Always consider this tip when you want to plant morning glories – these plants need a spot or area that is well exposed to the sun. When the area or garden you have chosen to plant them has too much shade, the flowers will not bloom. You should choose and area that has abundant sunlight all throughout that day.

When you are planning to plant those varieties that grow in vines, you will be needing support when they grow. The best place to plant vine types or varieties is next to a fence. Make sure to till the soil where you want to plant the seeds and mix it up with compost.
Compost is good in conditioning the soil. It holds on to nutrients and water, so it is very good for any type of plant.

Move 2: Plant

If you are to plant morning glories using seeds, it is recommended that you soak the seeds in warm water for approximately two hours to soften the seed cover. Make about half of an inch holes in the spot where you want to plant them. Set the holes for about 6 inches apart.

Put one seed in each hole and cover it up. If you are going to transfer morning glory plants from pots to the soil, see to it that you will be able to plant the vines as deep in the soil as it was before in the containers or pots.

Move 3: Care and Maintenance

As we have mentioned earlier, this plant does not need much care and maintenance. You just have to fertilize it once a month and water it diligently during hot days and summer. Just avoid over-watering this plant.

Training the vines when they start to grow is easy. All you need to do is to make a support for the vines to entwine. You can twist the vines of the morning glory in a gentle manner around its support.

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