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   Jun 29

Perennials: Colorful Flower Garden Year by Year

Perennial gardening is popular these days because unlike annuals, they grow back after the cold weather. You don’t have to spend money and time replanting another plant for the next year and like annuals, they bring color and add beauty to your garden.

gardeningSo to have an appealing garden year after year, perennials is your best option. Here are some tips on how to make you flower gardens bloom until winter arrives:

Plan your Garden

Unlike annuals, perennials grow taller until they reach the mature stage. So make sure not to plant them closely together to avoid overcrowding. This is unpleasant to look at in your garden.

Make sure to create gaps between your plants. As the plants grow, they will fill up the spaces and eventually make your garden a gorgeous place.

Choose Your Flowers

Perennials come in different types, shapes and colors so as a beginner you might feel confuse on what you should put in your garden. One should have the ability to combine complementary colors in order to understand perennials. This is to bring balance to your flower garden.

Placing two bright-colored perennials side by side is not ideal for the eyes. Make sure to combine cool and warm colors to achieve a relaxing effect foryour garden.

Also research more on your perennials and find more about the blooming period. Some bloom only for 2-4 weeks so make sure that you place two perennials that almost bloom at the same time. This could create a beautiful impact on your garden and landscape.

Planting New Ones

As your perennials reach the mature stage, you can divide the plants and replant them in another part of your garden. So as the other perennials wither and die, you have new plants to replace them. You can divide your perennials during spring or fall.

To carefully divide your plant without damaging it, first you have to dig the plant up and divide it in a way that the roots and leaves are distributed equally in both plants. Place it another area of your garden and make sure to water it every day for its growth and development.

Improve the Soil

There are simple ways on how to treat the soil for your perennials. First, the soil must be loose and you must avoid clay soil since it is so intact that the roots can’t stretch far enough. To improve the condition of the soil, make sure to mix it with compost to enhance the drainage and allow more space for your roots to grow.

gardenAfter you plant your perennials, add compost about 1-2 inches on the top soil. This will give all the nutrients that your plants need to grow healthy. Doing this once in a year is enough for your plant.

Water it if Necessary

If its summer, make sure your perennials receive enough water for the season. Water it two times in a week but if you add mulch in the soil, then once is enough. Mulch will help the soil retain its moisture so it can have enough water for the summer.

Make sure to check if the soil is dry or moist so you can add more water to satisfy your plants’ needs. Water is a necessity for plants and since the hot weather can damage them, makes sure to pay more attention.

Maintenance during Fall

In late fall, some perennials start to die and some allow the leaves to fall. There are others though that prefers cutting it down before winter arrives so they don’t have to deal with a decaying plant in spring.

If you started with seeds for your perennials, then most likely you will have no blooming flowers for the first year. Perennials focus on growth and development of their roots and stems before blooming in the second year. If you want to have perennials flowers for the first year, then you should have a full-grown plant planted in your garden.

It is really a challenge for beginners to begin their perennial garden but with these tips handy, you are in the right path for a good start. Make sure you research more on perennials flowers about their conditions, behaviors and needs. Although they are in a same group, some perennials prefer to have your full attention.

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