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   Aug 20

Prepare Your Landscape for the Cool Breeze of Fall and Winter

When fall is almost on your garden and you feel the winter breeze, then it is time to work on your garden as the season changes. You need to solve the drainage problems, prepare your garden beds and clean up your garden so it can survive the winter and bloom as spring arrives.

Improving your Drainage System

Having a good drainage system is really important, especially during fall and winter seasons. You need to seek the help of a professional landscape designer to be able to find the best solution on the right drainage system for you. This is to properly install your drainage system to keep the water away so it won’t damage your garden.

A landscape designer can also help you incorporate other wonderful features in your garden to make the drainage a beautiful part of your garden. Building a dry creek surrounded with stones can enhance your overall landscape while being an efficient drainage. Terracing is another solution to your drainage problems and your beds are great to look at with this type of arrangement. Plants are also easy to maintain in terracing.

You can also improve your patio by installing colored, textured and designed surfaces in order to make the place more appealing for your family and friends to gather. Right placement of shrubs and tress around you garden can prevent erosion in your garden. They are beautiful and functional at the same time and require only little maintenance.

Landscaping Tips

Fall is the best growing season for your crops so this is the time to have your landscape designed or redesigned. Here are several good plant options for fall landscaping:

  • Euryops pectinatus – This shrub produces beautiful yellow flowers that will bloom straight for 12 months even at winter. You should place it in a sunny and warm spot and needs 3-4 feet of space to grow fully. When everything is in dormant, this plant beautifies your winter garden.
  • Scaevola (Mauve Clusters or Blue Fan Flower) – This is your perfect ground cover. It has lush leaves with small purple flowers that bloom from January to November. It comes in shrubs and trees as well. The evergreen has red berries that are perfect as Christmas decoration.
  • Cercis occidentalis (Western Redbud) – This is a small tree that changes in appearance as the season changes. During spring, it has magenta flowers and when spring arrives, it has blue-green flowers that brighten your garden. At fall, it turns to red or yellow and has bare branches during winter. These branches are arranged beautifully, so you can put some lights on it to enhance or beautify the landscape even more.
  • Camellia – This another good choice as flowering plants for winter. It comes in different sizes and colors but you need to provide it with some shade during the hot season.

Another feature that you can incorporate in your landscape is a fire pit. You and your family will surely enjoy your outdoor space while spending quality time, relaxing and bonding. This is a great way to bond and the fire pit will add a comfy ambience that will make everyone feel relaxed and at peace.

You can hire a professional to do all the work for you or you can do it yourself. It is inexpensive and you will feel satisfied once you see the result of your hard work.

You can truly have a beautiful garden even if it is covered by bright-colored leaves or thick snow. Follow the easy steps above to achieve a lovely fall and winter landscape like no other for your home.

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