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   Apr 05

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy will make you understand how any personal information you provide will be used. The privacy policies provided here are applicable only on this blog. Please read with understanding so that you will be assisted in your concerns regarding the following:


Information Collection

Personal identifiable information, like names and e-mail addresses are collected in this website only when they are voluntarily submitted by the visitors of this site. This information is only used to fulfill your specific request, unless you give me permission to use it for adding you as a part of our mailing list.


Data Security

I guarantee that as your identifiable information or personal data will be kept secured because my blog observes highly confidential standards. I am the only authorized person who has access to your shared information and rest assured that I intend to keep it confidential and secure in all possible ways. All e-mails and newsletters from this site will allow you to opt out any further mailings.


Distribution of Information

I may share information to government agencies or companies that may help and assist me with problems like fraud prevention or investigation. I may do this for reasons like that of as follows:

  1. If permitted, ordered or required by the law.
  2. If I will be in trial for problems like actual or potential fraud, or any form of unauthorized transactions.
  3. In times of the investigation where fraud has already taken place.


I guarantee you that this information is not shared to these agencies and companies for marketing purposes.


Privacy Contact Information

If you have any concerns, suggestions, comments or any form of constructive criticism about this Privacy Policy, you may contact me on the form provided on the Contact Me page.

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