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   Apr 22

Project Landscape: Gazebo

Having a landscape in your home is a very fun sight to watch. But wouldn’t it be much better to look at your landscape from the center of your home? Placing a landscape at the heart of your home always adds a sense of style and warmth to your home. Surely your family and friends would love to hang out in there!

Gazebos are the best place to accommodate people in a beautiful landscape you have created. It serves a double-purpose, to have a place to hang out chill out in and at the same time, to let people have a good look at your masterpiece. Having a gazebo will bring out more fun in your scenery and a place for enjoyment for your family and guests.

To make it simpler, gazebos are outdoor structures with open sides and just a roofing complex to protect from elements like rain and the sun’s heat. Aside from providing shelter, its purpose is also to serve as a place for entertainment. It is one of the best things to be installed in your home.

Most gazebos are commonly circular or round, square or hexagonal in shape. Other gazebos have more features like having seats or benches all around the edges and even tables at the center. If you want to have this feature in your garden, you must first know how to prepare and install this structure.

Gazebo installation requires the following essential things to have it installed correctly and safely in your wonderful piece of art – your landscape. Here are a few tips and tricks to install a gazebo in your landscape like a pro.

Have Enough Space

Before you install your gazebo, you should take note of the space where you are going to place it. A gazebo is a structure that consumes space so make sure to allocate enough space for the gazebo to fit in.

Site Selection

Selecting the site for your gazebo is also essential. It should be a place where you will not be able to destroy the beauty of your garden. Your purpose is to have a place that you can stay, watch the beauty of your landscape and beautify your home at the same time – not to make your landscape look like a disaster.

Landscape Design Blueprints

The next step after you have finished with the ground preparation is to make a layout of your landscape. You can draw the dimensions of your gazebo on the ground or on your grass using spray paint – more preferably white to make it easier to see. The paint will then fade away. If you want your layout to be more precise, you can actually use blueprints for your landscape.

Ground Work – Literally

After making a layout of the dimensions of your gazebo, you will have to do some excavation to make the area flat or leveled. If your land area is a slope or hill, make the other side of your excavated soil a little deeper than the other side to make balance and level it.

Post Holes

The structure of the gazebo is just post with a roof, so better make your posts more fixated to be able to ensure safety and durability of your structure. The way to do this is easy; just excavate a hole deep enough for your posts and fill it up with stone, rocks and gravel. You can also make use of cement to secure it if you want to.


If your posts are ready and when your gazebo has been delivered, you can have it installed firmly on top of the beams of your post.

Add Elements

Landscape the surrounding of your gazebo to make it more attractive and beautiful. This will also make it like a part of the whole scene.

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