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   Sep 25

Putting a Personal Stamp on Your Garden

Your garden reveals who you are.  It was once quoted that “a garden is a reflection of one’s soul”.

Seeing somebody’s backyard can give us a glimpse of its owner’s personality or being.

Is he conscientious? Does she prefer practicality over beauty?  Do children live in the house?

Still, there are ways to brand your garden and make it shout “This is Mine!”  In fact, it can holler “This is Me!” if you want to.

The following are some measures you can take to personalize your own backyard.

Customize the Color

Of Your Blooms

True. A garden exhibits multiple colors and shades making it attractive and beautiful.  However, one way of “putting your personal stamp” on your garden is to stick to your one or two favorite hues of blooms.

Yes, you have other requirements in choosing what plants to grow and flowers to sow in your garden.  The size of your garden, the type of soil you have, the seasons in your location, etc. But then again, making your favorite colors a prerequisite in identifying what blooms to grow can advertise to the people who see your garden, a facet of you that they can’t know immediately under common circumstances.

Stick to one or two favorite colors unless you love rainbow and would like to see color all over your backyard, all over your house, all over your office – you get what I mean.  Or you could base it on your individual or family theme for the year.  The predictable theme of “love”, for example, can make you plant reds and pinks or whites, to bloom at the season or year you want them to.

Love sailing?  Why not try navy blues and whites.  Candy land?  Stick to vivid oranges, yellows and violets.

Everything is up to you.  Play around with ideas.  Bring out your personality, or that of your family, through the colors of plants you sow.

Of Your Garden Furniture

You can’t limit customizing the color of your garden with the plants you choose.  Show who you really are through the color of your lawn lounges, garden chairs and tables, garden arches or pathways, or even through the pots and containers of your plants.

Do you love to travel by land?  Why not paint the furniture different shades of brown and yellow and red.

Sea lover? Try blues, grreens and violets.

Please remember not to overdo it, though.  Stick to one or two interests.  We don’t want you or those who see your garden, to be overwhelmed with too much information about you. *Wink*

Label Them

There are countless garden ornaments and accessories you can use to tell others that it is YOUR garden. Signboards, rock blocks, banners – you name it.  The easiest way to personalize your garden is to put your name on it.

That’s it.  This is ________’s Garden – for all your visitors and for passers-by to see.

However, there are other ways of customizing your garden without telling everyone your family’s name.  You can display a favorite quote on your garden’s signboard.  Or some mantra your family lives by on a garden flag.

You can display a title of your favorite book, or even the kind of music that grooves you.

Like hip-hop.  People seeing the word hip-hop on one of your garden posts would wonder, “What’s with hip-hop?”  You can tell them matter-of-factly “Oh, that?  It’s what I’m listening to these days”.

Again, don’t fill your backyard with signboards everywhere, advertising your current craze.  Make one or two visible.  And quirkily about you.

If you want to be more creative, you can also design your label with an arbor structure (there’s a lot of design you can choose from), this will add a fantasy-feel to your garden.

Mark something in your garden.  Show that the garden belongs to you.

Shape It Up or Carve Them In

This is for those with shrubs and trees.  And manpower.  And time.

Got shrubs?  Trim them to your favorite shape.  The more intricate it is, the more head-turning it will most probably be.

If you search for garden images in the internet, you might chance by a photo I saw.  The shrubs were shaped into a boy and a girl riding a bicycle.  Remarkable, huh?

You got trees? Carve your favorite or memorable dates on them.  You can also engrave the places you’ve been to.

Make use of your trees.  They aren’t there just to bear fruits, give you shade or rustle their leaves for you so you could sleep better at night.  Make them a testament of who you are and what you’ve been through.

The stone blocks leading to your garden or edging your plants can also be carved with tidbits of trivial information about you.  Of course, you wouldn’t etch your credit card number there for all to see, would you?

Countless are the ways of shaping and carving things in your garden to identify it as yours. Doing these would announce to your whole town that “Somebody owns this garden and this somebody has a life”.

There’s the Whiff

Sometimes, a certain aroma brings back memories and faces to us.  You can use this detail to put your signature in your garden.  People who visit your backyard may remember it, and remember you, through the odor that your garden imparts.

Use scented plants or herbs that give off a smell that you like.  Gardens usually have a distinct odor of their own. Yet, you can still personalize your garden by growing flora that radiates your favorite fragrance.

Be sure nobody in the house is allergic to the smell of such plants, though.

It doesn’t matter if other people like the odor of your garden.  Keep in mind that we are talking about CUSTOMIZING your garden.  Making it speak about you.

Create a memory using the aroma of your plants.  And let this aroma speak of what and who you are.

Lastly, it’s About the Feeling.  Your Feeling.

Do you feel that your garden is you?  Do you also miss your garden?  Can you linger there to reminisce moments in your life, dream about the future or just enjoy what you have now?

Nobody can say that a garden is distinctly yours and that it distinctly reflect your uniqueness if you yourself don’t feel “at home” with it, if you can’t help saying “Hello, Stranger” to your garden when you enter I or if when you see your garden, you feel that there’s nothing about you in there.

Customizing your garden doesn’t need to be laborious or costly.  Throwing a piece of you here and there every once in a while, can already make a garden inimitably you.

Truth be told, there are only two keys needed to turn your garden into your autograph. These are your creativity and your openness to share to others who you really are.

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