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   Jul 06

Red and Beautiful: How to Start your Rose Garden?

gardeningIf you just added roses to beautify your garden, then you know by now that there are some gardening tips you should know about, especially if you are a beginner. Roses are wonderful and adorable garden flowers, but they can be tedious and difficult to grow.

Many gardeners have incorporated their own rose beds in their garden for aesthetic purposes. They make your yard simply amazing by just being there.

As a beginner, you should follow some tips on how to be an expert in growing and tending them. This will help you save time and effort to make a blooming bed of roses.


There are different kinds of rose plants you can choose from. Make sure the plants fit your lifestyle and garden and are suitable for the weather in your area. You can visit a local nursery for the best suggestions on rose types.

You can consider few factors such as hybrid and appearance as well as the type of rose – shrub, bush or climbing. Some of the most popular choices include cabbage roses, damask roses and sprawling rambles.


Roses love the sun and it would be ideal if they are placed on a spot exposed to sun. You know your yard well so you know the perfect place to plant them. Make sure the soil is conditioned and fertile so you don’t have to put fertilizer to the soil from time to time.


Space is very essential for the rose plants. If you choose rose bushes, then it would be ideal that you make gaps in between so there is plenty of room to grow.

On the other hand, climbing roses can be placed in walls or under the windows. Make sure there are no plants surrounding the bushes that might compete with water, sunlight and nutrients. Right placement of the plants is veryessential.

Manner of Planting

gardenIt would be ideal to place your rose plant directly to the soil. A garden pot will limit the growth of the roots of your plants and it is better to see your roses in a wild look. It is essential that your soil is healthy and you give enough nutrients and water to the plants.

For climbing roses, you can use trellises so they have something to follow. Roses in its frames are a good attraction to your exteriors.


It is essential that you prune your roses for it to bloom more. You must get rid of the dead branches and flowers and make way to the new ones.

It would be ideal if you water it first thing in the morning so they have enough water during the middle of the day. You can plant garlic near your plants to defend them from pests and cinnamon to fight away fungi.

If you love roses and you want to have them on your garden, then make sure to research more about gardening and maintenance tips in order to have a blooming garden that would make your yard more noticeable. Make sure you give your rose plant its necessities to grow healthy and bountiful.

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