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   Apr 16

The Cool Pool: Swimming Pool Landscape Ideas

beautiful pool

If you have a swimming pool in your house without anything that adds life to it, like a beautiful garden, it will only look plain, dull and less exciting. How about turning your poolside into a paradise?

Basically, the pool is a great place to cool off, especially when the weather is hot. Adding plants and  a creative landscape in it will make it look more like a beachfront or a hotel swimming pool. You will be able to relax in your pool like you are just in a famous beach resort like in Bali, Indonesia or Boracay Beach in the Philippines.

The Wow Effect Pool

A beautiful landscape in your swimming pool or the poolside, to be more specific, gives you an overwhelming satisfaction. It can be difficult at first but if you have the idea and knowledge on what you need to do, everything will be easy.

Here are a few ideas on how to put a screaming “W-O-W” to your pool.

  • Island Getaway
    You can transform your poolside into an island. The main idea here is to elevate your poolside to create an illusion that the pool is the water that surrounds your island. Choose plants that need little watering and drainage to prevent soil erosion into your pool. To make it look tropical, make sure to use colorful plants and flowers that will surely turn your pool into paradise.
  • Waterfalls
    Installing a waterfall on your pool that will continually recycle the water source of your pool will be a great addition. It will also be pleasing to the eyes. You can make it look more realistic by adding rocks, plants and other ornaments behind and at the sides of your man-made waterfall. This will bring more life and a realistic effect as if you are swimming in real lagoon with a waterfall.
  • Beach Summer
    The addition of sand in the sides of your pool and a few tropical plants and dwarf coconut trees will do the trick. You can also add a beach umbrella and benches to make it look like a summer paradise.

These are just a few ideas on how you can turn that same old pool into one hell of a cool pool that you can soak in any time of the day. Simple is boring, creativity is exciting. So make sure to apply these tips and turn your pool into an amazing paradise experience!

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