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   May 26

Tips for Landscaping Property Lines

One of the most important areas when planning out a landscaping project is along the property line. Even if you love your neighbors, you’ll likely want to provide yourself some privacy and there is nothing better than trees, bushes and other natural landscape lines.  Fortunately, there are hundreds of different things you can add to this part of your property to provide both you and your neighbor with a beautiful, natural view at the edge of your yard.bird1

When planning what to do along the property line make sure that you run your plans by your neighbor.  Even if you are allowed legally to plant pretty much whatever you want, it is common courtesy to let your neighbors know about your plans.  In many cases they will actually help you out. Regardless whether they will help you out or not, the main point is to make sure you get their permission that way, you can enjoy your landscape with no worries.


One of the most popular things to plant along any property line is trees.  These are a great option because they will grow tall, can provide privacy and serve as an excellent backdrop to the rest of your landscaping project.  One potential downside to trees however, is that once they grow up too high, you actually lose some of the privacy because the branches and leaves are above the line of sight.  There are some smaller trees which will work out, but it might be a good idea to combine the trees with other items which are lower to the ground.


Large bushes are ideal for this type of landscape because they are typically quite thick and can grow very wide so you can cover a lot of ground with just one plant.  Whether you use bushes exclusively or plant them in between trees, you will love the way these beautiful plants look.  There are dozens of different types of bushes to choose from so take your time and find the perfect one.  Some of them even bloom with beautiful flowers at specific times of the year so that can be a great benefit if you are a lover of flowers.


While this is not a natural option on its own, the fencing can be the perfect place for a thick vine to grow on.  You can add plants like morning glories near the fence and they will weave their way up along the whole length and height of the fence.  Morning glories bloom with bright beautiful flowers each morning during the summer so this is truly a stunning way to provide privacy without sacrificing the beauty of your yard.

There are many other types of vines which will look great climbing up and through your fence as well.  Just remember, most of these vines will die in the winter so you’ll lose much of your privacy if you just put up a chain link fence.  Combining this option with trees or bushes can help ensure a secure privacy all year long.

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