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   Feb 05

Tips to Help You Get Started with Container Gardening

Container gardening has become the latest trend in most homes. This is ideal for those homeowners who have limited spaces in their properties. Further, it is also a good hobby to do during your leisure time. However, there are certain conditions that you should consider prior to starting container gardening. You should be able to know the types of containers, different fertilizers, the acidity level of the soil and the best tools to use.


Types of Containers

There are a lot of container types that you can use for your container gardening. You have to carefully choose one that will best suit the kind of space you have. This way, you will not waste time in planting and uprooting it in case you feel that the container you chose is wrong. Take a look at the following container materials that you can use:

  • Clay Pots – Whether glazed or not, clay pots can get your window panes beautified as soon as flowers begin to bloom. There are a lot of sizes that you can choose from ranging from extra small pots to medium sized down to the huge ones.
  • Old Plastic Bottles – Did you know that those old plastic bottles you have can actually be used for container gardening? Yes! Those old bottles can be cut down to half where you can put soil to its bottom and start planting. They can also be used as hanging ornaments with blooming flowers planted.
  • Wooden Pots – There are a lot of wooden pots available that will suit your needs. These pots can house small flowering plants and shrubs. They can also be used for vegetable planting. They also add a natural effect to enhance beauty inside the house. Wooden barrel pots often do not have its own drainage that is why you have to bore holes that are about an inch in size.
  • Tin Cans – There are a lot of sizes for tin cans available. Usually, the best ones to use for container gardening are infant milk tin cans. Prior to use, be use to have it well cleaned. You can also paint the cans to make it look more attractive.


The condition of the soil you will use is also important in container gardening. The soil serves four basic purposes that will help in the success of your endeavor. This includes support for the plant roots, moisture retention, root aeration and moisture retention.

Container gardening makes use of organic materials that are mixed to the soil. You can choose from compost, coconut husk, rice hulls and loam garden soil. There are also other choices depending on its availability and cost of materials. Take note that the soil you will use should serve one of the basic purposes of which they are used in the first place. This will ensure that the flora you plant will successfully thrive.

The pH balance or the acidity of the soil should also be determined. This will help to make plants grow abundantly especially when you are doing organic container gardening. The ideal soil acidity should be between 5.0 and 8.0 to allow plants to grow abundantly. If the acidity level is above 7.5, this would be too alkaline especially for vegetables. You may need to add soil sulfur to reduce its acidity level.


Every container garden should have a good drainage system. Some pots are readily available with drainage to ensure that moisture retention and air circulation is attained. There are other pots that come with a self watering system. However, they might be costly and would hurt for those who want it simple and save their pockets from added financial burden.

As container gardening can be done conveniently inside the house, you won’t have a hard time in watering your plants. Make sure that your water system can easily be accessed to easily put water in your plants.


Using the right kind of tools is also vital to be able to achieve successful container gardening. Essential tools should be chosen carefully to make sure that you don’t waste money in getting materials that you cannot use. Drainage pans should be readily available to catch runoff water. This will keep the floors dry and safer to walk on. You will also need sufficient lighting as the plants in your container garden are kept indoors. Hand gardening tools are also needed when you cultivate the soil. Further, cleaning tools are also essential because soil makes a lot of mess.

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