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   Jul 11

Winter Tip 104: Prepare your Trees and Shrubs for the Cold

Winter is the season that gardeners take a rest from all their yard duties. But before the ground freezes, it is important that you prepare your garden for the cold days.

This is very essential especially for newly planted shrubs and trees. Not only your flowering beds need your attention as winter draws near, your shrubs and trees too.

Water them

Watering your plants is essential before the ground freezes. This will keep the moisture in the soil as the temperature decreases. If you have shrubs such as boxwood and rhododendron, make sure to water them also because they give off too much vapor during the cold months.

Once the ground gets frozen, your plants will have hard time taking water and nutrients from the soil. This results to dehydration and can cause yellowing in stems and leaves of your plants.

Wrap or Not?

Burlap wrap is ideal for your plants during winter but there are few exceptions. Strong and established trees and shrubs do not need wrapping. They can survive the winter since they have sturdy root system.

However, fragile plants such as dwarf Alberta spruce and new-planted trees and shrubs are sensitive to the cold. As their roots have not developed to mature stage, there is a possibility they will notsurvive.

So make sure to cover them with burlap. Also keep in mind do not use plastic as it will damage the plants once the sun is up.

Here are some other winter tips for your trees and shrubs:

  • In order to retain the moisture, you must cover the root area of your plants with about 3-inch layer of mulch. This will help the plants still get nutrients from the soil even if the ground freezes.
  • In order to protect your young trees from gnawers such as mice or rabbit, make sure to put plastic tree guards around the trunk way above the snow line. Then as the spring arrives, make sure to remove it to avoid moisture being trapped in the bark attracting insects.
  • Protect your plants from salt spray by covering them up with double layer of burlap. To prevent this from happening, avoid placing your trees or shrubs beside the road so it won’t get salted during the winter. Another option is you can plant junipers as they are salt-resistant plants.
  • Broadleaf plants such as pieris, laurel and rhododendron should be protected from the drying effects of the wind and sun.  You should spray it with anti-desiccant spray that coats the leaves.
  • Use string or mesh to protect upright plants such as cedars and junipers from breakage. The low temperature and ice have damaging effect to these plants so make sure to use strings in order to hold them in place.

Following these tips, your trees and shrubs can be protected from the ice, low temperature and cold breeze of winter months. This will ensure you of flowering shrubs and healthy trees in the spring. Trees and shrubs are beautiful assets to your garden, so make sure to include them in your what-do-to-do list in gardening in late autumn.

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