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   Jul 07

Wrap up Your Container Garden this Cold Season

container gardenContainer gardening during the winter months would be difficult especially if it’s the first time your garden will experience the extreme cold temperature. During this time, soil easily freezes so it is important that your plants have your attention. So here are some essential tips you must do in order to make your container garden survive the winter.

The Right Container

It is essential to choose containers that can withstand the cold. Ceramic pots and containers made from thin plastic would be a bad idea. The best choices are concrete, metal, fiberglass, stone and thick plastic.

It is important that your containers have drainage holes so excess water is drained out of the container. Make sure to add sand, gravel or stone at the container’s bottom before you add the soil, enhancing the drainage system in your container.

Select your Plants

Most of plants are sensitive to the cold weather. Choosing the right plants for the weather will determine the product of all your hard efforts.

It would be ideal that you choose plants that are familiar with the climate in your area. Exotic plants specially the tropical ones might need a lot of sunlight and heat. Plants that can survive the cold include chrysanthemum, flowering kale, licorice plant, hens-and-chicks, strawflowers and coral bells.

Maintenance of your Garden

It is important that you give your crops the sufficient amount of water and fertilizer and protect them from the cold weather. You should keep in mind that your plants need extra care and attention during winter.

Put fertilizer on your plants weeks before the frost date which is expected to come in your area. It is essential that you do this while the temperature is mild. So new stems, roots and leaves can’t be damaged by the frost and cold.

Make sure your containers have enough protection to keep them warm and ideal to support plant life. You can wrap the pots with blanket so the roots will be warm.

Avoid placing your container to a concrete surface. Concrete has the ability to drain away the heat from your pots during the winter days.

gardenIt is also important that your plants have plant lamp that will give the necessary light and heat especially in gloomy and cloudy days. The light it gives off can be enough for photosynthesis that your plants need for survival.

Lastly, place your pots inside the house when the temperature gets low. Place it outside once the sun starts shining again.

The key for a successful garden for winter days is that you choose your plants well and make sure they can withstand the cold. Make a thorough research on each plant so you know how to make them stay healthy even in harsh conditions. Make sure you have proper drainage systems and your soil is warm enough.

Winter is definitely a difficult time for gardening but still you can make it a success with the right knowledge and tools in taking care of your plants during the winter days. You can still be an effective gardener even during the cold season.

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